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Manufacturing Industries At Risk of Data Exfiltration

The manufacturing sector makes a tempting target for hackers. The primary purpose is not to hijack personal information, but rather to steal intellectual property related to the business process itself. Intellectual property and internal operational information are the two types of data that manufacturers most fear losing. Company intellectual property was gained through costly research and development. Loss of IP could quickly erode a company’s competitive edge.

Q: How do hackers get into a network?

A: Malware is the most common cause of data loss for manufacturers, accounting for significant proportion of the most serious incidents. Other losses of intellectual property are caused by network intrusion and targeted attacks.

Q: How does malware get into a network?

A: By employees going to infected websites, downloading screensavers, etc. Websurfing activities can load a computer up with malware within minutes. Secondly, an infected email can install a virus that opens up a network to exploits. Employees have ended up with an infected computer simply by clicking an email link. A third way is for hackers to scan any server with an outward facing IP for vulnerabilities, and exploit them when they find them. This probing will happen from the moment a network goes live until the day it is taken down.

Q: How does CLEARNETWORK protect a company's intellectual property?

A: It is very difficult to stop every single user in a large company from surfing the internet. Some people's jobs actually depend on surfing! However, a Managed Firewall can block users from getting to infected websites. Manufacturing companies need a managed firewall. Secondly, that infected email should never have arrived at your company to begin with! ContentCatcher:Mail will quarantine the spam emails that could potentially compromise your network. Setup is quick and simple. Outsourcing your email management will greatly reduce your technical staffing overhead, saving time and money. And as a last line of defense, ContentCatcher:NSM (Network Security Monitoring) will continuously look for exploits on your network. Identifying compromised assets is the first step to neutralizing the threat they pose.

An infected computer on the network is all a thief would need to heist your data. Or hackers could directly attack the IT network, exploiting any vulnerability they find. In manufacturing, the likelihood of data exfiltration being a part of an incident is much higher. Data exfiltration is a costly activity, suggesting hackers have searched through your network, identified valuable information and stolen it from your organization. Don't let this happen to your company. Contact CLEARNETWORK today!