“URL defense is amazing; it prevents several malicious links per week from being clicked by our users!”


Malicious URLs are a top originator of ransomware, malware and phishing. URL defense dynamically blocks malicious URLs, even off network and on phones.

Malicious URLs are a major threat to all organizations as they effectively can bypass all security measures in place. Users outside the network are especially vulnerable as they are often outside of the protections provided within. With URL Defense, malicious URLs are a thing of the past.


Dynamic URL rewriting
URLs are rewritten and directed to our middleware services which check them for threats before allowing the site to load. This happens in real time and for sites that we know are safe, there is never a delay.
Worldwide visibility
We see links in all languages from all parts of the world. This enables us to have a powerful understanding of the different types of threats coming in through email links.  
No Management
The system is automated so there is no management required, just turn it on and you are protected.
Safe sender lists
If there are domains that you know are safe and never want rewritten, adding them to your safe sender list will prevent URL defense from rewriting them.
View how many malicious email URLs were blocked across your organization, giving you instant insight into the power of URL defense.


Prevent malicious URLs

Malicious URLs are a top originator of malware, ransomware and other threats like phishing. Before URL defense, there really was no reliable way to protect against these threats coming in through email links.

Minimize time spent remediating

With malicious URLs being a top entry point of threats, preventing them from infecting your network will have a major impact on the time spent removing damage from infection.

Cloud Scale

We see millions of links per day across our platform. When we find a bad link at one domain, there is a global immediate benefit across all organizations on the system.  

Protection even out of network

All users with a company email address are protected, it doesn’t matter where they are located or what device they are on. With most security services, when a user is on a phone or working remote, they have very little protection, that is not the case with URL defense.