Managed Detection & Response

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managed detection & response


The increased interconnectivity of business today has a dark side: complex business networks are even more susceptible to attack.

Attackers bypass perimeter defenses with ease. They search your network at leisure for high-value data to steal. When they strike your infrastructure is damaged and data stolen before you even know a compromise has occurred.


Cybersecurity Compliance

SOX, HIPAA, PCI, GLBA, NIST, FISMA, GPG13 and others require proactive monitoring of logs and data security in order to meet compliance.

The Solution:

Managed Detection

& Response

Clearnetwork’s Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services are the intelligent ‘security patrols’ for your network that stand as your last lines of defense against today’s threats.

Managed Detection & Response OVERVIEW

Detect never-before-seen threats

Reduce detection and response
times for all threats

protect your network with managed detection and response services

What Does MDR Do in Your Network?

  • Identifies file-less attacks moving laterally through your network (“Living off the land” attacks)
  • Identifies the adversaries behind novel attacks on your network
  • Understands exactly which systems they’ve compromised
  • Prevents re-entry after network penetration

What are the Benefits of MDR?

  • Detects advanced attacks created to bypass traditional perimeter defenses
  • Hunts intruders lurking on your network
  • Access to state-of-the-art threat analytics, remediation tools, high-quality actionable intelligence, and security expertise
  • Access to a team of dedicated IT security professionals with combined decades of expertise in combatting advanced threats
  • Fine-grain visibility and control over all applications running on your network
  • Control over both applications and users to enforce regulatory compliance or use policies
  • Minimized attack damage with faster response times
  • Minimized attack damage with faster response times
  • Rapid deployment of a Virtual Machine (VMWare or HyperV) on your existing hardware.

are you watching your network for intruders
Looking for a solution to network intrusions and detection

Who Needs an MDR Solution?

  • Rapidly evolving network environments that need highly-configurable security
  • Overworked security teams with backlogs of threats to manually investigate
  • Existing network defenses that need to be expanded to address advanced threats
  • A lack of security staff trained to investigate and remediate advanced threats
  • Existing but ‘noisy’ incident response capabilities that need help prioritizing threat hunting efforts
  • Limited access to actionable, contextual threat intelligence

Clearnetwork keeps your business ahead of the latest threats.  Managed Detection & Response is only one of our full suite of SOC resources right on your network, or in the cloud, both supported by on-demand access to industry-leading security experts.