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Cb Defense by Carbon Black


"Cb Defense isn't just NextGen Antivirus, it is a certified antivirus replacement"


To safeguard yourself against the most dangerous attacks, you need more than machine learning or traditional AV. These only detect malware after it's executed. You need streaming prevention, a sophisticated approach that stops all forms of attacks before they happen.

Nearly 53% of breaches today are caused by non-malware attacks. This means attackers are bypassing traditional and machine-learning AV, which are only designed to stop malware-based threats. As a result, the most dangerous attacks are those that use native software and applications to achieve their malicious ends. We need a new approach. Next-Generation Antivirus (NGAV) is designed to protect against all types of attacks.

  • Stops malware and non-malware attacks
  • Automatic prevention even while offline
  • Customizable prevention policies per asset group
  • Visualize attack chains in real time
  • Isolate and remediate hosts from anywhere
  • Go Live: direct, secure response on any machine
  • Less than 1% CPU usage
  • Deploys in 15 minutes
  • Integration with Windows Security Center
  • Stops ransomware, non-malware, and other modern attacks
  • Prevents attacks that evade traditional and machine-learning antivirus
  • Immediately understand how attacks form and what their objectives are
  • Zero impact to end user productivity
  • Certified to replace antivirus for PCI and HIPAA compliance
  • Microsoft certified antivirus solution

Going beyond machine-learning AV, Cb Defense employs streaming prevention to continuously analyze the entire attack sequence to stop any attacker before they execute their payload and compromise your system.

Incorporating years of industry experience, Cb Defense captures every endpoint event to uncover and display threat activity in real-time so you can respond and remediate immediately.

Converging prevention, detection, and response, Cb Defense delivers total protection from a single agent, through a simple cloud console, with absolutely zero impact to end users.