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Even today's most sophisticated attack prevention systems cannot stop everything. When attackers get through, you need to know immediately, so you can limit the damage. Prevention is key but, detection is a must. We must be able to detect when our prevention systems have failed. These monitoring systems must allow us to piece together the how, when and what of an intrusion.


Download the Network Security Monitoring Technical Whitepaper

Our email solution was designed from the ground up to deal with the business implications of unsolicited email, as well as the overabundance of "opt-in" newsletters and email noise. It employs a layered approach that combines extremely powerful content inspection engines with a business logic layer and user inter face that enables SPAM and other bulk content to be managed by the users themselves, without any IT administration, thus reducing the TCO of unsolicited email.


Download the ContentCatcher Technical Whitepaper (177KB)


Jet Aviation Eliminates Spam and Improves E-Mail Availability with ContentCatcher