What is an alternative to Solarwinds Mail Assure?

Email Security is a very dynamic industry leading to the rise and fall of companies large and small over the past 20 years. Clearnetwork with its service ContentCatcher have weathered the storm, managing migrations from most of these fallen providers. With our stability and extensive feature set (including attachment protection, URL protection, archiving, encryption, DLP and much more), you can trust that we will be with as your trustworthy partner for years to come. Our packages are designed to meet the varying needs of business, whether you are looking to satisfy a compliance requirement like GDPR or simply secure your email, our service is the right solution.

With the recent retirement of GFI Mail Max in Solarwinds, the new service, Spam Experts (now known as Mail Assure) has not been up to par with the feature set, granularity or ease of use that many MSPs and end-customers have become accustomed to under GFI’s service. This is a major problem especially for MSPs with large numbers of users on the system, who we have witnessed searching for Mail Assure alternatives in large numbers over the past few months. Email is the number one communication tool of business and they rely on their email security provider to keep them safe and improve the productivity of users, and Mail Assure has simply not been delivering on that.

Clearnetwork ContentCatcher is cloud-based, can be white-labeled for MSPs, is rich in features and is consistently updated to maintain its strong reputation. Our support team also typically responds in minutes to requests from both end users, admins and MSPs.

Features include:

  • URL Protection (dynamically scan all URLs in email)
  • Attachment Protection (utilizes system emulation to see what unknown attachments do prior to delivery)
  • Data Loss Prevention (block Social Security Numbers, Credit Card Number, and much more from leaving the network in email)
  • Email Encryption
  • Email Archiving
  • Zero Hour Threat Detection
  • Emergency Inbox (full online inbox in our portal for email continuity if you go down, we’ll even alert you by SMS that your mail server or provider is down and that Emergency Inbox is active)

With GDPR on people’s minds, we offer full compliance with our own dedicated EU data-centers available to host the service.

Join Clearnetwork on a demo and/or a trial to see how ContentCatcher is the ideal alternative to Mail Assure.

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