Managed Firewall


Today’s network security landscape contains a wide range of threats. Application-layer attacks, adaptive threats, and web-based exploit kits have joined malware, viruses, and phishing attacks as routine tests of your network defenses. Firewalls and IPS can also be very time consuming to manage.

‘Set-it-and-forget-it’ security solutions and conventional detection techniques no longer hold up to this evolving landscape. To secure your business and maintain your network performance you need a comprehensive plan. That means combining next-generation firewall technology with up-to-date threat intelligence and trusted security expertise.


Clearnetwork’s Perimeter Protection service is a full management package with Palo Alto’s industry-leading line of Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFW) at its core. Leveraging Palo Alto’s powerful feature set, Clearnetwork is able to deliver highly-granular network traffic control. NGFW technology allows our team of security experts to control traffic flow end-to-end based on port, route, destination, even traffic content. And Palo Alto’s wide range of NGFW technology can scale up or down to fit any organization’s needs. Even as they change over time.

Our Perimeter Protection service delivers more than just a static line of defense. It includes our full suite of security services, including consultation, device configuration, and ongoing management and support of our Palo Alto NGFW appliances. Driven by Clearnetwork’s adaptive security techniques and decades of experience, our Perimeter Protection service is a powerful solution to any organization’s network security needs.


Combining the power of NGFW technology and Clearnetwork’s expertise gives your organization an unparalleled level of control over your network. By utilizing Clearnetwork’s Perimeter Protection service you leverage our entire range of security assets for your perimeter security.

Latest Threat Intelligence
Our specially-licensed threat database is updated daily and includes over forty reputation and scoring categories to better identify novel threats. Your NGFW policies stay up-to-date with the very latest threat intelligence.
Global Sensor Network
Clearnetwork also receives up-to-the-minute attack data from our global IDS network. So we protect you against the latest threats today and prepare you for what’s coming over the horizon tomorrow.
Invaluable Expertise
Most importantly of all, your organization gets Clearnetwork’s decades of industry expertise supporting your perimeter defense through the entire security lifecycle.
An All-in-One Solution
With our Perimeter Protection service Clearnetwork is available to assist from the very start. We help your organization plan the most cost-effective NGFW deployment to meet your security and business objectives. We spec the appropriate Palo Alto NGFW appliances so there is no guesswork in purchasing. We create firewall policies that align with those same objectives, then test, configure, and deploy new appliances. With Perimeter Protection, Clearnetwork manages all ongoing aspects of perimeter defense, from routine tasks to critical incident response. We handle all standard operational tasks, including configuration changes, maintenance updates, and tuning firewall policies for optimal performance.
Monitoring & Reporting
We also assist your team in responding to threat events and other critical incidents. Clearnetwork’s compliance and data security experts can also assist with running compliance-level reporting, with technical troubleshooting and support, and disaster recovery events
Compliance & Regulations
SEC Rule 17a-4 has been regulating the data retention practices of financial firms since the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. This long history along with the SEC’s amendments and clarifications on electronic storage have made 17a-4 one of the clearest regulations from an IT implementation perspective. While the requirements are relatively clear, meeting them while dealing with rapidly growing email stores, make complying with 17a-4 a daunting challenge. From a legal perspective, litigation is fought on the basis of the documentary record, and the litigant best able to recreate it at the lowest cost carries a valuable advantage into any dispute. CLEARNETWORK’s cloud-based email storage was offered with this in mind.


Trusted Management

You can stay focused on your core business knowing your perimeter defense is in the hands of trusted experts


Rapid Updates

Maintain optimal performance when expert remote management deploys configuration changes in real-time


Threat Response

Downtime is minimized and performance maximized with faster threat response

Network Security

Reduce organizational risks with improved control over applications, users, and content on your network

Application Control

Superior control over wanted and unwanted applications running on your network with advanced policy tools

Precision Performance

High-grade visibility into all running applications and policy control; manageable not just by IP, but by user

Device Consolidation

Simplify your security infrastructure and reduce its TCO using powerful NGFW technology that can replace a range of aging or vulnerable appliances

Industry Expertise

Sustain your high performance over time with expertly applied best practices, including configuration backups, updates, and audits

Regulatory Compliance

Easily stay compliant with fully-logged changes, clear auditing, and expert assistance generating reports



Robust file and data-filtering, bidirectional control over file transfers based on file type or content such as CCNs, SSNs, or other custom-defined data patterns

Per-policy management of unknown traffic without network performance degradation
Visibility and control for thousands of applications
Ability to create custom applications
Per-policy control over SSH requests, inbound and outbound
Extensive networking options, including: DHCP, DNS, NAT, Route redistribution, ECMP, LLDP, BFD, Tunnel content inspection, and dynamic routing (RIP, OSPF, BGP, Multiprotocol BGP)
User ID and control integration for a full range of enterprise tools, including Active Directory, eDirectory, Exchange, VPNs, Proxies, Terminal Services, Syslog parsing, XML, WLAN Controllers, Captive Portal
Granular inspection of inbound and outbound SSL requests
Denial of Service attack protection against session flooding using virtual or physical segmentation and zone protection
QoS tools for network optimization, including per policy traffic shaping (e.g. priority, guaranteed, maximum), per user, per application, per tunnel, and per DSCP classification
Support for virtual systems

  • Separately managed, logical firewall instances running on individual physical firewalls
  • Complete traffic segregation, optimal for multi-tenant operating environments


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