Integrate a Managed Security Operations
Center (SOCaaS) to improve security, achieve compliance

& meet cyber insurance requirements cost-effectively.


ClearNetwork SOCaaS integrates with your tech stack, providing 24/7 monitoring with real-time detection, analysis & reporting.


Streamline security event investigation. We turn the complex, time-consuming task of event analysis into a readymade service.


Glean insight from deep analysis of security events and violations. Our team will find the root cause and create customized workflows to fill security gaps.

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What is a Security Operations Center (SOC)?

A Security Operations Center (SOC) is a centralized team of IT security professionals that monitors and responds to cybersecurity incidents.

The SOC team is responsible for proactively monitoring an organization’s ability to operate securely, reviewing evidence of attacks, interpreting data, identifying conditions that create ideal feeding grounds for attackers, and responding to threats or actual incidents.

The SOC team must have considerable depth and breadth of knowledge in all areas of IT, and may include members with varying levels of experience in IT.

The primary mission of the SOC is security monitoring and alerting, which includes the collection and analysis of data to identify suspicious activity and improve the organization’s security.

What is SOCaaS? Security Operations Center as a Service

SOCaaS (Security Operations Center as a Service) is a security model wherein a third-party vendor operates and maintains a fully-managed SOC on a subscription basis. It is cloud-based, built on multi-tenant software-as-a-service (SaaS) architecture, providing IT businesses access to expert security operations and monitoring services. It is cost effective and helps protect companies from cyber threats within their infrastructure while meeting compliance requirements

Managed SOC services like ClearNetwork transform this enormous capital expenditure into a predictable operating expense while guaranteeing comprehensive security coverage.

This gives you access to top talent, best-in-class equipment, and the most advanced cybersecurity analytics the industry has to offer. Instead of deploying all of this yourself, you simply subscribe to service and scale it to meet your needs.

ClearNetwork SOC as a Service (SOCaaS)


  • Redefine visibility into your assets and devices. ClearNetwork integrates with your technology stack, providing 24/7 monitoring with real-time detection and reporting.
  • Track and report user actions automatically. Our team does the work of discovering and securing your network assets so you don’t have to.
  • Review comprehensive alert logs in real-time. Our team categorizes alerts by severity so you can see the status of your network at any moment.


  • Streamline security event investigation. We turn the complex, time-consuming task of event analysis into a readymade service.
  • Be protected against the latest exploits and vulnerabilities. We update our threat database with the latest data in real-time.
  • Leverage our threat intelligence with comprehensive threat detection and analysis without sacrificing the productivity of your IT team.


  • Glean insight from deep analysis of security events and violations. Let us find out the root cause and create customized workflows to fill your security gaps.
  • Make our team an extension of yours. Rely on security experts to support remediation, recovery, and business continuity.
  • Develop and deploy robust cybersecurity policies that address your most vulnerable processes.

How ClearNetwork’s SOC-as-a-Service Benefits Your Enterprise

Clearnetwork’s Security Operations Center as a Service (SOCaaS) is a cloud-based service that includes best-in-class SOC solutions and capabilities. The benefits of using SOCaaS include cost savings, access to additional intelligence, continuous protection, lower breach risk, system monitoring and expert threat response. Additionally, SOCaaS can help businesses align with many different cybersecurity regulations and reduce the complexity of managing an internal SOC.

Cut Security Costs While Improving Performance

As cybercriminals become more sophisticated, enterprises large and small need to spend more on cybersecurity technologies to keep up. Endlessly upgrading your security infrastructure will quickly drain your ability to invest resources on revenue-generating tasks.

For most enterprises, cybersecurity investment is a cost. For managed SOC providers, it is an asset. Managed cybersecurity vendors like ClearNetwork have a clear motive to maintain cutting-edge security infrastructure – it’s our core value.

Advanced Analysis

Enable Advanced Analysis With Emerging Technologies

Since deploying and maintaining best-in-class security infrastructure is not a core value for most enterprises, only the largest can afford to equip their SOCs with the latest technologies. Cybercriminals know this, which is why they disproportionately target small and mid-sized enterprises.

Subscribing to a SOCaaS vendor like ClearNetwork enables even small businesses to leverage the latest cybersecurity technologies. Sophisticated machine learning algorithms – and the technical expertise needed to optimize them for your business – are now within your reach.

Manage Threat Response

Manage Threat Response Gaps In Your Infrastructure

Every organization has security gaps. One of the primary responsibilities of the SOC is to identify these gaps and mitigate security risks. This requires proactive threat response – continuous network monitoring, SIEM and log management, and consistent testing against insider threats.

Data breaches and reputation-damaging cyberattacks happen when enterprises fail to address these gaps. No matter what industry you operate in, your business has reams of sensitive user data at its disposal. Bringing in a reputable third-party cybersecurity vendor like ClearNetwork ensures those gaps get closed.

IT Staff

Free Up Your IT Staff For Revenue-Generating Initiatives

If your IT staff isn’t overwhelmed with security events, log reports, and vulnerability assessments, it isn’t paying enough attention. It’s only a matter of time before cybercriminals exploit vulnerable systems and infiltrate sensitive databases, financial records, or worse.

But your IT team has more on its hands than cybersecurity. It has applications to develop, support tickets to process, and a thousand other urgent tasks to attend to. Hiring a reputable cybersecurity vendor ensures your IT team can carry out mission-critical duties without sacrificing time or efficiency in the process.

Event Response and Remediation

Improve Event Response and Remediation

Having an outsourced SOC team instantly improves your enterprise’s ability to respond to threats with secure action plans and protocols. Through a comprehensive threat hunting strategy, our security team will flag and remove false positives before your IT team has to worry about them. When a true security emergency arises, it will be immediately escalated to your team along with a comprehensive action plan.

After every event, we conduct a complete post-action audit and analysis. This helps our team understand how attackers breached your defenses. We can then use that data to improve those defenses, and produce forensic evidence suitable for litigation.

Why Choose Our All-in-One Managed Security Service

Deploy optimized SOC technologies with expert talent from day one:

SIEM and Log Management

  • Event Correlation
  • Log Management
  • 12 months log retention

    Vulnerability Assessment

    • Network Vulnerability Scanning
    • Cloud Vulnerability Scanning
    • Host-based Intrusion

      Asset Discovery

      • API-powered asset discovery
      • Network asset discovery
      • Software and services discovery

        Intrusion Detection

        • loud Intrusion Detection
        • Host-based Intrusion Detection (HIDS)
        • Edge-to-end user tracking

          Incident Response

          • Disable network card
          • Optimize existing security systems
          • Post-incident reports and audit trails

            No additional hardware needed

            • Sensors are based on virtual machines
            • Ultra-secure VMware or HyperV infrastructure
            • Agents are easy to install on endpoints

              Cloud Monitoring

              • AWS
              • Azure
              • Google Cloud
              • Office365
              • GSuite

                Extension of your team

                • Constant communication
                • Guided team response
                • Expert security recommendations

                  Behavioral Analysis

                  • Asset access logs
                  • Cloud access and activity logs
                  • AWS VPC Flow monitoring
                  • VMware ESXi Access logs

                    Endpoint Detection and Response

                    • File Integrity monitoring
                    • Continuous endpoint monitoring
                    • Proactive querying and threat detection

                      Advanced Reporting

                      • Comprehensive Compliance reports
                      • C-Suite reports
                      • Custom reports

                        Integration with existing systems

                        • Accept logs from most devices
                        • Powerful integration with many brands
                        • Supports cloud services and enterprise tools

                          Ready to Get Started? Our Team Is Ready to Help

                          Schedule a meeting with one of our security experts and find out how ClearNetwork’s managed detection and response capabilities can help you. Have ClearNetwork’s SOC-as-a-Service (SOCaaS) team transform security operations from costs to value-generating assets.

                          ClearNetworks SOCaaS Technology FAQ

                          I already have a security team, do I need ClearNetwork?

                          ClearNetwork’s SOC-as-a-Service solution does not replace IT teams or security departments. It augments them by providing best-in-class data and expertise to them. This means your team spends less time manually reviewing event logs and more time on high-impact initiatives that deliver value to customers and stakeholders.

                          I already have a firewall installed, do I need ClearNetwork?

                          Firewalls are just one layer of a good security system – the best systems have multiple layers. Our team can help you identify the areas where your security framework is underperforming, and provide you with the expertise you need to address those risks. Deploying a firewall is just the first step – we can help you make it count.

                          What will gap analysis tell me?

                          There is no such thing as perfect security. That means that every security system has gaps. A great security system has gaps that are too expensive and time-consuming for cybercriminals to exploit. The gap analysis process tells you what kinds of security gaps your enterprise has, and how exploitable they are. This helps you decide where your security strategy needs to focus effort and resources.

                          We just completed an audit. Do we need ClearNetwork?

                          Yes. Audits provide findings you can use to improve your enterprise’s processes and infrastructure. Our team can use your audit data to identify gaps in your security and deploy solutions that address those gaps. We are familiar with compliance requirements in the industries we serve and can help you proactively address future audits with ease.

                          Can ClearNetwork meet my compliance requirements?

                          Yes. We provide fully compliant security operations center services, and can match or exceed all of the industry regulations your enterprise has to abide by. We can provide PCI-compliant security services for payment processors, HIPAA-compliant services for healthcare operators and FFIEC-compliant services for financial institutions, and more. ClearNetwork and its partners support SOC-2 internal compliance standards.

                          How does ClearNetwork’s SOC-as-a-Service Work?

                          Deploying our SOCaaS solution is simple and takes less than a day. Since we already own and operate our own SOC services, all we need to do is integrate your enterprise software with our own. Our team has years of experience working with all of the most popular platforms in the industries we serve, and we’re perfectly capable of integrating with one-of-a-kind, custom-built platforms, too.

                          What types of alerts will I receive? How frequently?

                          As a managed SOC-as-a-service provider, our team can be as integrated (or as independent) as you like. If you deployed and ran your own security operations center, you would be able to control the alerts you receive and their frequency. We believe that your managed security provider should offer the same level of personalization.

                          How much does ClearNetwork cost?

                          Less than you expect, and much less than deploying and operating your own security operations center. As ClearNetwork invests in its team, equipment, and capabilities, we’re able to capitalize on economies of scale. That’s because cybersecurity is our core value. Your enterprise can leverage best-in-class security without having to make the investments we do.

                          What tools will you use to manage our security?

                          ClearNetwork is constantly updating its state-of-the-art security tools to respond to the latest threats. One of our most important partners is AT&T, whose AlienVault technology helps us stay ahead of the latest threats while securing sensitive data. We use layered, cloud-based security monitoring solutions to successfully protect our clients from cyberthreats in real-time.

                          My business isn’t big enough to need its own SOC services, right?

                          Global enterprise data breaches and government hacks regularly make headlines, but only account for a small percentage of total cyberattacks. The vast majority of cybercrime victims are small and mid-sized enterprises. Today’s cybercriminals use highly automated tools to identify victims – they don’t care whether you have ten employees or ten thousand, there is still money to be made by defrauding you and your users.

                          Until now, enterprise-level cybersecurity was only available to companies who could afford to deploy and run their own security operations center. ClearNetwork makes comprehensive security available to the small, mid-market, and emerging enterprises who need it most.

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