SOC as a Service

Security Operations Centers are necessary to identify attacks/vulnerabilities and remediate them before damage occurs, the problem is they are complex and expensive. Clearnetwork solves this problem.

Monitor on-prem and cloud infrastructure 24/7

Get up and running in as little as 2 hours with no cap-ex

Get expert response and guidance from experts

What is SOC as a Service (SOCaaS)?

SOC-as-a-Service or SOCaaS is a subscription based service where you gain the benefits of having your own Security Operations Center (threat detection, analysis, response & vulnerability management) without the high cost of hiring staff and buying hardware.


These days we know it all too well, Anti-virus and Firewalls are not enough. Attackers continue to advance, using increasingly sophisticated techniques to iniltrate organizations. They invest significant resources conducting reconnaissance to learn about organizations and to develop techniques specifcally designed to bypass the security defenses being used. IT staffs know about the problem, but they lack the time, expertise, and budget to properly watch all their ever-changing on prem and cloud infrastructure for threats. They are also bombarded by a flood of security products and services that all promise different outcomes and don’t know what to do. What they need is a solution that works with the security products and infrastructure that’s already in place. A service that proactively watches their on-prem, cloud and hybrid infrastructure for both threats and vulnerabilities and gives them actionable information backed by skilled security analysts.


Clearnetwork SOC As A Service, also commonly referred to as Managed SOC, Cyber Threat Monitoring or Managed Detection and
Response delivers powerful threat detection, incident response, and compliance management in one fully managed service. We combine all the security capabilities needed for effective security monitoring across your cloud and on-premises environments: asset discovery, vulnerability assessment, intrusion detection, endpoint detection and response, behavioral monitoring, SIEM log management, compliance reports and more.

Built for today’s resource-limited IT teams, Clearnetwork SOC As A Service is affordable, fast to deploy (less than 1 hr), and requires no additional security expertise. It eliminates the need to deploy, integrate, and maintain expensive solutions like a SIEM and maximizes your existing security investments like your firewall and anti-virus by including their logs in our analysis. With no upfront costs or additional skill needed and consistent pricing, SOC As A Service offers low total cost of ownership (TCO) and flexible, scalable deployment options for organizations of any size or budget.

The Technology Used for a SOC


Vulnerability Scanning

Continuous Network Monitoring

SIEM and Log Management

Integration with Existing Infrastructure and Security Systems

Cloud Monitoring – AWS, Azure, Office 365 and more.

Human Analysis with Leading Threat Intel and Machine Learning

No Capex or Long Term Contracts

Powerful Compliance Reporting

Cybersecurity threat detection


Finding attackers hiding in legitimate traffic on your network requires sophisticated tools and techniques. When you begin using our SOC as a Service, Clearnetwork engineers build a comprehensive baseline model of normal activity on your network.

We then deploy virtual machine-based sensors on your network to capture data of all traffic. Data is also collected from logging agents installed directly on your domain controllers and other assets.

Our analysts use sensor and log data collected from the rest of our client base to compile up-to-the-minute profiles on the very latest threats in the wild. Then update your defenses before these novel threats can be used against your business.


ANALYSIS of Network Traffic

With SOC as a Service, we run all of your network traffic through Indicator of Compromise (IOC) analysis using a proprietary threat ruleset designed to detect the latest malware packages, C&C botnet traffic, and exploit kits. Clearnetwork also utilizes a powerful SIEM engine and comprehensive log analytics strategies to detect attackers trying to cover their tracks.
When SOC analyses identify a threat the system immediately triggers alerts. Further analyses, including RDNS lookups, algorithmic event analyses, and environmental data and event comparisons are run on the threat pattern for human analysts to review.

Analysis of network traffic
hunting for cyber security threats


Clearnetwork’s analysts become an extension of your IT staff. Our threat hunting specialists monitor data coming from sensors, logging agents, and management consoles on your network. We use advanced behavioral analytics that detects even trace activity that attackers leave behind. We assess any systems showing suspicious activity for further signs of compromise, or for attackers making lateral movements within your network, which might signal an impending deeper strike.


When a threat is identified our analysts immediately escalate it to your IT team with a complete action plan. We link directly to your ticketing system and alert staff to routine issues we detect. For urgent matters, we both submit a ticket and directly contact on-call staff. We even recommend removal tools for your team’s use.

After remediation is complete we conduct post-action analyses to better understand how attackers were able to breach your defenses. These reports are designed to be usable forensic evidence for legal responses. We can also conduct advanced malware analyses so you get a complete understanding of how the attack worked against your particular security assets.

responding to cyber security threats

An all-in-one Managed Security Service

Focus on actual threats, starting on day one.

SIEM and Log Management

› Event Correlation
› Log Management
› 12 months log retention

Vulnerability Assessment

› Network Vulnerability Scanning
› Cloud Vulnerability Scanning
› Host-based Intrusion

Asset Discovery

› API-powered asset discovery
› Network asset discovery
› Software and services discovery

Intrusion Detection

› Cloud Intrusion Detection
› Host-based Intrusion Detection (HIDS)

Incident Response

› Disable network card
› Use existing security systems

No additional hardware

› Sensors are virtual machine based
› VMware or HyperV
› Agents easily installed on endpoints

Cloud Monitoring

› Azure
› Office365
› GSuite

Extension of your team

› Respond to threats
› Guide your team through response
› Recommendations to increase security

Behavioral Analysis

› Asset access logs
› Cloud access and activity logs
› AWS VPC Flow monitoring
› VMware ESXi Access logs
› and more!

Endpoint Detection and Response

› File Integrity monitoring
› Continuous endpoint monitoring
› Proactive querying

Advanced Reporting

› Comprehensive Compliance reports
› C-Suite reports
› Custom reports

Integration with existing systems

› Accept logs from most devices
› Powerful integration with many brands

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Security Operations Center (SOC)?

A Security Operations Center is a group that is dedicated to monitoring and managing cybersecurity threats within an organization. 


How does SOCaaS compare to MDR?

Please click here to learn more in our depth blog post 

Why would I outsource my SOC?

High cost of building and operating your a SOC

Security Skills Shortage

Complexity of staffing and managing a SOC

 Enhanced efficiency for your team

 Scalability and Flexibility

 Great threat intelligence