Managed Crowdstrike MSSP

Gartner Leading Endpoint Detection & Response Managed by US-Based Security Experts

Achieve Compliance

Clearnetwork’s CrowdStrike MSSP-certified experts continuously monitor and look for signs of threats using the powerful and evolving capabilities of the platform.

Improve Security, reduce risk

Bringing you enterprise-grade security, Clearnetwork fully leverages the powerful features of CrowdStrike to find threats and protect your business.

Save resources

Managed CrowdStrike by Clearnetwork delivers peace of mind, and saves your IT department time and money.

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What is CrowdStrike?

CrowdStrike delivers

  • Gartner leading technology and performance
  • Industry-leading endpoint protection
  • Cloud-native endpoint protection platform
  • A single light-weight endpoint agent
  • Intelligent antivirus that analyzes endpoint behavior
  • World-class security intelligence
  • Only cybersecurity vendor technology recognized by Gartner, Forrester and IDC as a leader in modern endpoint security.

Why Outsource CrowdStrike to Clearnetwork?

At Clearnetwork we provide expertise:

  • CrowdStrike MSSP partner & certified experts
  • 20+ years of security experience
  • Cost effective
  • Take the burden off your team
  • Rapid response
  • An extension of your team
  • Reporting & compliance support
Our IT professionals specialize in all aspects of security so our clients can focus on growing their businesses. Excellent security talent can be difficult for companies to hire and retain because good security talent needs constant challenge and development. Clearnetwork’s security focus allows us to hire top notch talent and keep them interested. We then offer this expertise to our customers on a fractional basis through managed services.

The Managed Crowdstrike Advantage
in Detail

No signature technology

Lightweight agent

Intelligent analysis and reaction

Detects what traditional AV cannot

Flexible deployment

Leveraged Scale

No signature technology

Traditional antivirus technology uses signature technology that creates a hash-value for malware files and maintains a blacklist of files to be removed. These huge lists become bulky and bloated, need fine tuning, and some antivirus applications require their own management infrastructure. Crowdstrike’s technology intelligently analyzes the behavior of applications on the endpoint to detect malicious activity.
Advanced Analysis

Lightweight Agent

Crowdstrike’s easy-to-deploy lightweight agent is managed by cloud resources instead of taking up local datacenter resources. The agent does not significantly impact endpoint performance and only requires 20.15 MB disk space, 25.36 MB Ram usage, and a maximum of 3.03% CPU usage. Although managed by the cloud, the agent does not require internet access to operate and fully secures the endpoint online and offline.
Manage Threat Response

Intelligent Analysis and Reaction

The technology incorporates machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) to improve the reactions of the software and defend endpoints faster and more comprehensively. The software detects behaviour-based indicators of attack, blocks detected exploits immediately, and can launch automatic remediation.
Manage Threat Response

Detects what traditional AV cannot

Crowdstrike addresses types of attack that cannot be detected by signature-based AV such as fileless attacks, malware free attacks, and zero-day attacks. Continuous raw reporting allows for the entire Managed Crowdstrike ecosystem to constantly learn and adapt to attacks.
Manage Threat Response

Flexible Deployment

Crowdstrike protects all leading operating systems and more:

  • Endpoints: Windows, macOS
  • Servers (Windows Server, Linux)
  • Virtual machines: hosted locally or on the cloud.
  • USB port management (provides data loss protection)
  • Firewall management
  • Application and system discovery

Crowdstrike also integrates well with other security technologies and provides additional security controls. Managed Crowdstrike can run alongside legacy antivirus technology as another layer of protection or replace the AV as desired.

IT Staff

Leveraged Scale

Crowdstrike’s robust security products have gained huge market share that only strengthens the product. Their cloud-based security offering leverages the pooled experience of 3,000,000,000,000 (3 trillion) endpoint events per week to rapidly gain experience and prevent the latest attacks.
Event Response and Remediation

The Clearnetwork Difference

Crowdstrike provides strong technology and Clearnetwork makes it better.

  • Customer Centric
  • Customized Deployments
  • Amplified threat hunting
  • Accelerated alert review
  • Flexible responses
  • Easy report access

Customer Centric

No customer will become just another anonymous face in the crowd. Even though Managed Crowdstrike protects a huge number of endpoints, Clearnetwork will always maintain direct contact and expertise in our customer’s local systems. We combine our customer knowledge, Crowdstrike’s technology, and our own decades of security experience to provide world-class service and customer support for managed endpoint security.
Advanced Analysis

Customized Deployments

Clearnetwork creates customized Managed Crowdstrike deployments specifically tailored for the needs of our customers. Endpoint deployments and reports can be customized for specific functions, to improve clarity, or to help respond to specific compliance, stakeholder, or law enforcement concerns.
Manage Threat Response

Amplified threat hunting

Clearnetwork uses full access to reports, malware process trees, and MITRE framework tactics to contain and investigate compromised systems. Crowdstrike’s rapid threat hunting and investigation query results map to the MITRE framework which Clearnetwork uses for rapid analysis and communication. Immediate remote access through the Managed Crowdstrike agent allows Clearnetwork to provide supplemental support for remediation and threat hunting.

Flexible Responses 

Clearnetwork will investigate alerts, address immediate needs, and also has the option to call on Crowdstrike experts for advanced threat hunting and malware analysis. Clearnetwork works with client IT managers to determine agreed-upon response plans for common scenarios so that immediate action may block and contain common attacks before critical assets become endangered. For unusual attacks, we will issue contextualized alerts with actionable and easy-to-follow recommendations for remediation.
Endpoint threat hunting can be set up as proactive (automated) or as managed to provide either immediate reaction (security prioritization) or delayed reaction to avoid false alarms (usability prioritization). Either way, the combination of managed Crowdstrike and Clearnetwork delivers quick and effective triage and remediation thanks to the reduced detection time made possible by the powerful software and the expertise of the analysts.

Easy Repost Access

Protection isn’t always enough. Organizations need to clearly communicate status and performance internally, to executives, to the board of directors, to key customers, and to other stakeholders. Clearnetwork’s managed Crowdstrike allows for easy-to-understand dashboards and monthly service reporting to report status on a daily basis. During a security event, we will also provide status updates and reports that can be used to properly inform interested parties.