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Case Studies


Manufacturing companies face a multitiude of risks and are among the most commonly attacked industries. In this case study, we detail a manufacturing company that faced a devastating breach, and how managed detection and response would have caught the attach in the early stages before damage occured.


From PHI to HIPAA and the great increase in IoT devices, healthcare organizations face a wide range of risks and complexities. In this case study, you will learn how a mid-sized healthcare organization fell victim to a intricate ransomware attack, and how Managed Detection and Response would have caught it early on.

Higher Education

Colleges and Universities due to their open nature with data, increasing regulatory requirements and large number of students, staff and devices, face a complex task in the cyber relm. Learn how one large university fell victim to an intricate attack, and how Clearnetwork Managed Detection and Response would have caught it in its early stages.

Law Firm

Law Firms have access to confidential information, face increasing regulatory compliance and can be targeted due to the nature of their cases. Learn how one small law firm fell victim to a cyber attack, and how Clearnetwork Managed Detection and Response would have caught the threat in its early stages.


Managed Detection and Response

Prevention systems like firewalls and anti-virus are not enough in today’s turbulent threat landscape. There needs to be an advanced detection strategy in place to detect and respond to threats before they can cause harm to your business. Enter Clearnetwork Managed Detection and Response

Security Testing & Pen Testing Services Overview

From Vulnerability Testing to Social Engineering to Penetration Testing, Clearnetwork has the expertise and services you need to gain and maintain compliance and increase your security posture.


HIPAA compliance is a must for most healthcare organizations. Gaining and maintaining HIPAA compliance with a changing threat landscape and increasing HIPAA demands is not an easy task. Learn what parts of HIPAA Clearnetwork Managed Detection and Response helps satisfy.


PCI compliance is difficult to gain and maintain and with so many threats out there and increasing requirements it can be a stressful task. Clearnetwork Managed Detection and Response helps to streamline your compliance by covering many of the requirements in one managed service.


The CFO’s Guide to Managed Security

Technology experts, information security professionals, systems and network engineers, and IT Directors. One thing that they all have in common when it comes to their organization’s cybersecurity posture; they need the CFO’s approval

Why Managed SOC is Essential for SMBs

SMB’s are under constant attack from cyber-actors. There are readily identifiable reasons behind these attacks that make SMB’s easy-prey for malicious actors. Learn how having a SOC will benefit your business.

Key Reasons You Need a Security Operations Center

The best way to define a Security Operations Center is as follows: A SOC is like the eyes and the ears of an organization, sounding the alarm when it detects anomalous, malicious or suspicious activities and, importantly, enabling the crucial response. Learn how it will benefit your organization.


Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Evaluator’s Guide

The choice of an MDR provider has a significant impact on an organization’s security and long-term profitability. Many organizations go out of business soon after becoming the victim of a cyberattack or data breach. When choosing your MDR provider, it is important to consider several factors.

Manufacturer’s Cybersecurity eBook

The manufacturing industry is under fire from global hacking groups for some very specific reasons. The most important aspect of heightening the defenses for manufacturers is to first acknowledge and address the statistics that are plaguing the industry.