Managed Detection and Response

Threat Detection, Containment, Incident Response and Compliance
for your network, cloud and endpoints

Stop breaches before data loss or damage occurs

Maximize business continuity in the event of a breach

Safeguard business reputation and gain peace of mind


We simply didn’t have the manpower to dedicate a person to monitoring our network. Clearnetwork has drastically improved our visibility onto our network and in our cloud and it doesn’t require any time from our staff.

IT Director

Clearnetwork was able to swiftly deploy their MDR service in under 2 hours. After doing a POC of several competing services, Clearnetwork’s MDR service more than we were initially hoping to achieve for a lower cost than we expected.

Information Security Manager

We didn’t know where to start when it came to several aspects of PCI compliance. Clearnetwork guided us through the process and their MDR service was a major contributing factor that enabled us to quickly achieve compliance

IT Manager

Clearnetwork Managed
Detection and Response

Threat Anticipation and intelligence

The top threat intelligence from multiple sources is used as an essential part of the Clearnetwork MDR service. By receiving data from so many feeds, we can anticipate which threats are most likely to be a threat to your network, cloud and devices and quickly identify them when they do.

Vulnerability Assessments – we scan your network and cloud for known vulnerabilities, so you know what needs to be patched, and we know which machines are most vulnerable to new and emerging threats and tactics.

Asset Discovery – we learn all the assets on your network and cloud, so we are always aware of your attack surface, and use that data to aid us in finding threats.


Top threat intelligence from multiple sources


Proactive scanning of network and cloud


Immediate protection against new and emerging threats and tactics

Endpoint Detection and Response

While not a replacement for anti-virus, our endpoint agents enable us to run the latest threat intelligence against what we see running on each endpoint it is installed on. This provides additional security as your anti-virus might not trigger for the same threats that we can see. The endpoint agents also allow us to threat hunt across your endpoints and look for evidence of attacks.


Easy to install on a large scale


No impact on machine performance


Our security analysts can proactively find threats on endpoints and help your team respond to them

Threat Hunting

Using the MITRE ATT&CK™ framework, our managed detection and response security analysts proactively search through your network and cloud to detect advanced threats that evade existing security solutions (they are not able to actually read your files for privacy and security).


Find signs of threats not yet known by the latest threat intelligence


Detect signs of insider threats


Locate and validate abnormal activity

Security Monitoring utilizing SIEM and Log Management

Clearnetwork Managed Detection and Response security analysts collect, analyze, and correlate security data from across your cloud and on-premises environments to identify threats and intrusions.

This is done by our analysts using:


Behavioral Analysis – we learn your network and cloud and use this baseline to quickly identify abnormal activity.


SIEM and Log Management


Threat Intelligence

Incident Response

When we detect a threat, we work quickly to validate it and then reach out to your team by phone and/or email ticket to help them resolve it. We can even quickly auto-contain the threat by disabling networking on the infected machine or shutting it down to give your team more time to respond.


Automated Containment


Guided response by phone and email


Skilled expertise to quickly contain and remove threats


Having the right technology and expertise to achieve compliance and satisfy upper management can be challenging for organizations of any size. Staying compliant with PCI, HIPAA and other regulations requires the right security tools and the ability to produce audit-ready reports.


Pre-built compliance reporting templates


Pre-built event reporting templates


Customizable views and dashboards


Log storage (12 months)

Interested in a POC?

Get setup and start Detecting Threats quickly


To get started with Clearnetwork MDR you simply need to download our cloud or virtual sensor in your cloud (AWS, Azure and more) and/or on-prem environments. There is no capex needed for hardware as we use existing VM and Hyper-V deployments


We then vulnerability scan and asset scan your environments to learn what is running and where you are vulnerable. This gives us a strong baseline to start.


Our security analysts begin the monitoring portion of the service, continuously searching your network and cloud for threats and working to quickly respond

Flexible Deployment Options
for Any Organization

Every organization deserves a strong security posture, regardless of the size of your IT environment or the size of your IT security budget. That’s why Clearnetwork Managed Detection and Response offers flexible deployment options and pricing that spans the SMB to the Enterprise.

Clearnetwork Managed Detection and Response enables you to choose the right deployment model to fit your unique requirements. Whether you are a small business starting a security program, a mid-size organization with a mix of on-premises and cloud infrastructure, or a geographically distributed enterprise with multiple sites, Clearnetwork provides the flexibility you need.