Clearnetwork ContentCatcher is the ideal FortiMail Alternative, for both the cloud service and the appliance. You need an affordable cloud-based solution that stays ahead of all types of threats including emerging. You need an easy to use interface, and a system that requires minimal management that will consistently stop phishing and other threats. Clearnetwork’s ContentCatcher meets these needs and more!

Some common complaints we hear about FortiMail include:

Difficult Installation Process – Clearnetwork ContentCatcher is simple to implement, our experts will guide you through the process which typically takes less than 1 hour.

Poor User Interface – ContentCatcher was built from the ground up to be easy to use, we pride ourselves on ease of use and efficiency for both admins and the end users.

Ineffective Filtering of Phishing attempts – ContentCatcher uses machines learning and advanced algorithms to stop phishing attempts in their tracks.

Clearnetwork ContentCatcher Features include:

  • URL Protection (dynamically scan all attachments)
  • A support team that typically responds minutes
  • Attachment Protection (utilizes system emulation to see what unknown attachments do prior to delivery)
  • Data Loss Prevention (block Social Security Numbers, Credit Card Number, and much more from leaving the network in email)
  • Email Encryption
  • Email Archiving
  • Zero Hour Threat Detection
  • Emergency Inbox (full online inbox in our portal for email continuity if you go down)

With GDPR on people’s minds, we offer full compliance with our own dedicated EU data-centers available to host the service.

Join Clearnetwork on a demo and/or a trial to see how ContentCatcher is the ideal alternative to Fortimail

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If you are an MSP looking to migrate, we can make this process seamless for you and your clients.