Clearnetwork ContentCatcher is the ideal GFI MailEssentials Alternative. You need an affordable cloud-based solution that stays ahead of all types of threats including emerging. You need an easy to use interface, and a system that requires minimal management. Clearnetwork’s ContentCatcher meets these needs and more!

Some common complaints we hear about GFI MailEssentials include:

Poor Support – Clearnetwork can support all your user support requests at no extra charge, and we respond in minutes

Bad Software Updates – Since our service is cloud-based there are no software updates or any hardware to manage

Ineffective Filtering – Clearnetwork utilizes machine learning and big data along with system emulation to stop emerging threats

Lack of features – Clearnetwork has dozens of features and we are  constantly adding more!

Clearnetwork ContentCatcher Features include:

  • URL Protection (dynamically scan all attachments)
  • A support team that typically responds minutes
  • Attachment Protection (utilizes system emulation to see what unknown attachments do prior to delivery)
  • Data Loss Prevention (block Social Security Numbers, Credit Card Number, and much more from leaving the network in email)
  • Email Encryption
  • Email Archiving
  • Zero Hour Threat Detection
  • Emergency Inbox (full online inbox in our portal for email continuity if you go down)

With GDPR on people’s minds, we offer full compliance with our own dedicated EU data-centers available to host the service.

Join Clearnetwork on a demo and/or a trial to see how ContentCatcher is the ideal alternative to GFI Mail Essentials

Contact us today at: or call us at 800-463-7920 x3

If you are an MSP looking to migrate, we can make this process seamless for you and your clients.