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Our Services Protect Your Key Vulnerabilities

Network Security Monitoring

Attackers can always find a way to penetrate your defenses. Relying on systems with the belief they will block all attacks simply isn’t realistic. With this mentality you will never even know about a breach until it is too late. Therefore it is crucial to know what is happening on your network. Network Security Monitoring provides the actionable intelligence needed to react quickly.


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Email Security

Email security is no longer just spam filtering and anti-virus. The average email security system will fail to catch advanced and targeted threats that have the potential to do the most damage. Advanced email security is a necessity to keep your network secure against constantly evolving forms of phishing and ransomware.


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Next-Generation Endpoint Protection

Carbon Black next-gen anti-virus solves the shortfalls of old school signature based and machine learning anti-virus solutions. Instead of relying on constant updates from the provider, streaming prevention looks at what the file does when opened on your PC and blocks it in real time.


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Perimeter Protection

Palo Alto firewalls have been in the Gartner Magic Quadrant leadership position for 6 years in a row. When it comes to a device as crucial as a firewall, don’t trust your security to anything but the best. Even one missed threat can lead to a business altering breach.


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Security Awareness Training

Unaware users are the greatest threat to your network. Actions they can take like falling for a phishing email or opening ransomware can do severe damage. Educating them on the latest cybersecurity threats will drastically reduce the probability of this happening.


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