SOC as a Service for Cloud Infrastructure

Secure your organization’s public cloud services
against vulnerabilities and insider threats.

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Public cloud platforms like Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud enable next-generation computing, analysis, and collaboration. That’s why 93% of enterprises have a multi-cloud strategy in place.

Major cloud vendors provide their customers with secure platforms and applications. However, these tools cannot deliver world-class security without proper configuration.

Every organization has a unique cloud footprint and demands a unique security approach. There is no such thing as one-size-fits-all cloud security configuration.

Cloud misconfiguration is a serious problem among enterprises with multi-cloud environments. These issues expose companies to critical security breaches and ransomware attacks. This is especially true for organizations experimenting with non-production cloud environments.

Secure Cloud Configuration is Essential for

Business Continuity

When cybercriminals attack enterprises through their multi-cloud infrastructure, it’s rarely due to some unforeseen zero-day vulnerability. It’s far more common for hackers to exploit cloud misconfiguration problems. The vast majority of these attacks are entirely preventable.

Less than 1% of all enterprise organizations successfully fix all detected cloud security issues. For small and mid-sized businesses, the rate is 8%.
More than half of all organizations receive alerts because of misconfigured cloud services with public open ports. Of these, only two-thirds successfully fix these issues.
It takes an average of 24 days for organizations to fix cloud misconfiguration issues that involve publicly open network ports.
Four out of ten users have at least one misconfigured Docker API. These take an average of two months to remediate

It’s vitally important that enterprises expand their security infrastructure to cover cloud environments. The traditional, centralized approach that most enterprises adopt cannot keep pace with the continued expansion of cloud-native applications and workflows. Enterprises need advanced solutions.

Protect Your Organizations
with ClearNetwork Cloud
Infrastructure Security

ClearNetwork cloud configuration services enable enterprises to follow cloud configuration best practices and verify cloud usage with advanced log analytics. This provides unparalleled visibility and control to AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.

Our security expertise will help you expand your business through the cloud. We can help you identify and mitigate security risks including:

Insider Threats

including the creation of unusual software instances and the accidental configuration of world-readable storage.

External Threats

including unauthorized logins from foreign countries and API requests from malicious IP addresses.

Compliance Issues

like documenting new user profiles upon creation and logging root access accounts that don’t have multi-factor authentication enabled.

Modern Cloud Infrastructure Security
for IT and Security Professionals

We help IT teams and security professionals identify threats and
manage infrastructural risk. With our help, your enterprise can:

Prevent Data Breaches

Make sure your cloud-native applications and workflows are configured to meet best practice standards. Gain instant visibility into suspicious behaviors from users.

Detect Insider Threats

Deploy advanced behavioral analytics to profile users according to their activities. Quickly identify users trying to access sensitive data they do not normally interact with.

Demonstrate Regulatory Compliance

Complete regular reviews of cloud security actions and audit security team performance with detailed logs. Bring cloud-native workflows into compliance.