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  • Don't get hacked.

Email Protection

Protect against sophisticated email attacks by hackers. Better manage risk and gain more control over Exchange, Office 365 and Google Apps for Work environments. ContentCatcher provides the tools to comprehensively manage email security risks.

Real-time scanning of all inbound email messages to detect header oddities, sender domain information and body content that could point to malicious intent.

What you get:
  • Advanced spam and phishing detection
  • Safe attachments are delivered without delay with ContentCatcher FileWall
  • Accurate email classification
  • Robust filter rules engine
  • Per-user controls and quarantine access
  • Email Spooling
  • Email Preview
  • Real time impersonation protection with Anti-Spoof
  • Real-time scanning of all URLs seen in incoming emails
  • Works on all devices and at any location

Dynamic analysis of attachments with ContentCatcher Detonator

Spam and Virus Protection
Stop spam and viruses in the cloud before it reaches your network.

Targeted Threat Protection
Multi-layered detection engines and intelligence protect the company and employees from spear-phishing, malware, spam and zero-day attacks.

Use ContentCatcher to help manage risk and better control Office 365, Exchange or Google Apps For Work.