Email Attachment Defense

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Malicious email attachments are one of the tops threats to organizations. You need an advanced solution that will open these  attachments in a sandbox real-time, watch what they do and block them before they reach your inbox. 

Attachment Defense Features



Big data techniques provide predictive analysis through statistical models

Easy Configuration

There is virtually nothing to do but turn it on

No Management

Once Attachment Defense is turned on, there is nothing to do but watch as the malicious attachments are blocked


Threat validation through human analysis

Along with automated threat analysis, many unknown threats are also validated through human analysis giving an extra layer of protection and adding a level of confirmation that the system is working as expected.

Cloud Scale

Billions of message pass through our system each day. This gives us immediate access to the latest threats from across the globe as soon as they are released. Once we see a threat, it is blocked system wide.

Constant improvement from machine learning

Our system sees millions of threats each day and learns them in detail through both automated and human analysis. It constantly becomes smarter to keep ahead of advancements by bad actors.

Emerging campaigns are stopped using advanced counter evasion techniques

Proprietary technology detects malware and ransomware with global and immediate benefit to all customers

Prevent ransomware

Ransomware hidden in attachments will be detected and blocked from reaching your inboxes