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In The Battle Against Spam, ContentCatcher:MAIL Is On Your Side

Most, if not all, businesses heavily rely on email to communicate to its own employees or to customers and vendors externally. Maintaining a seamless email system is important to allowing workers to check email and communicate effectively. Part of a seamless email system is a spam filter. However, a problem with many spam filters out there is that they don’t know how to correctly classify emails as spam. And that may never be possible—even valid emails, ones which a user has even requested to receive, may end up in the spam folder.

Email Archiving: IT's Solution For Massive Email Storage

You get into work in the morning, sign onto your computer and log into your email. Uh oh, 50 new emails overnight. Know the feeling? Now multiply that by each employee in the company. Every business at one point or another faces the challenge of how to manage seemingly unlimited emails on its server. Simply deleting all of the emails, even from employees who have left the company, is not the best option as those emails may contain important company data or information. So, what now?