Managed Detection and Response

By Ron Samson Jr

What is managed detection and response?

Managed detection and response is a managed security service designed to be your outsourced security operations center (SOC). MDR services typically go above and beyond what most MSSPs can offer.

1. Managed Detection and Response is focused on finding threats within your network, endpoints and cloud that your other cybersecurity systems (like firewalls and anti-virus) miss.

2. MDR is heavily driven by the expertise of cybersecurity analysts using best-in-breed technology and techniques. This would take years and millions of dollars to get in place internally.

3. Managed Detection and Response is a subscription-based service, there are typically little or no upfront costs and there is little knowledge needed on the client’s end to get started.

4. Incident response is a major part of the service, managed detection and response are not like an MSSP service where are sent tickets of a threat and often times need to figure things out on your own. When something is detected and triaged by MDR analysts, they work with your on-site team to quickly and effectively remove the threat, at no additional cost to you.

5. Vulnerability Management is often times a part of the service. You cannot stay ahead of threats if you have out of date systems and software within your infrastructure. With the help of MDR experts, you will always be kept aware of which systems and applications are out of date and which ones are the highest priority to update.

6. SIEM is a major component of MDR. A SIEM is often required to meet compliance, but it is a big undertaking to get in place and monitor it continuously. Managed Detection and Response brings you SIEM along with all the expertise and management of it so you are up in running quickly with no upfront costs and an affordable monthly fee.

Why managed detection and response?

The typical small to mid-sized business cannot afford to hire an expensive IT security team and build a security operations center (SOC). The problem is that these businesses face the same threats and vulnerabilities as large organizations, and they know anti-virus and firewalls alone are not enough. Managed Detection and Response is the solution to that problem. It brings you all the technology, expertise, and guidance at a price that is affordable to nearly all small to mid-sized businesses. Compliance is also a primary reason that businesses implement an MDR service, such as PCI-DSS, NIST, HIPAA, GDPR and many others.

What challenges can MDR solve?

Managed Detection and Response solves the issue of needing to implement detection/SIEM for compliance or security risk reduction in your cloud, network and endpoints, but not having the time, budget, or staff to build your own security operations center (SOC). It gives you the benefits of a SOC and acts as an extension of your team while not requiring any additional security expertise. When threats are detected, Managed Detection and Response experts move quickly to respond, by either remotely remediating the threat, or working with your on-site team to resolve the threat. With many providers, there is no need for additional hardware to implement the service, everything can be done through virtual machines.

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